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    Founded on the principles of value and value delivery, redevelopment in Mumbai is taken up by redevelopment builders like us. Here are some reasons why you ought to pick us.

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    Residential Redevelopment in Mumbai

    Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, a city that doesn't sleep or a city that's the financial capital of a country with a population of 1.4 billion people. Being a metropolitan city, it like any other city in the world has two sides to the same coin. Mumbai is known to house some of the hyper rich people we find in the world. But on the other side it also houses the biggest slum in the world. redevelopment in Mumbai is taken up as a serious milestone to be achieved. We at Ambit realized & took seriously the kind of work we do.

    Considering the real estate market & its grip over the rising economy, redevelopment builders have seen the kind of importance it holds. If an area needs attention & fixing that is exactly what we give it.

    Ambit, being committed to upgrading lifestyles while being into Real estate redevelopment is significant when it comes to understanding the livelihood & functioning of the city’s core. That is Its people. Ambit chooses to cater to the masses, as the segment of goodwill it adds is noteworthy with many upcoming projects in Mumbai.

    We provide signature homes that are a personalized class apart experience. Catering to a wide pool of people. We are ranked amongst the top titans mentioned amidst real estate developers in Mumbai curating remarkable landmarks that the city will one day be known by.

    With projects like Blumen in Vikhroli west, The palazzo in santacruz east & ananda in the Borivali west, we look forward to curating numerous upcoming projects in Mumbai. Founded on the principles of values like transparency & timely deliveries we know that owning a residential property in Mumbai is a dream of many people that the Ambit realtors have taken up as a responsibility. With building redevelopment Mumbai, we look forward to realizing the dreams of many.

    Old project going to redevelopment in MumbaiA modern high-rise apartment building with sleek architecture in Santacruz, developed by ambit residential property developers.

    FAQ's on Redevelopment

    1What documents are needed for the vetting process for redevelopment?
    The following documents are required for the vetting process for the redevelopment Conveyance of Property:
    • Property Card in the name of the society
    • Old Occupation Certificate along with plans
    • CTS Plan
    • List of allotment members along with the carpet area
    • Development Plan remark
    2Are buyers protected, and if so, how?
    The Central Government of India drafted and approved the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act of 2016 to protect house buyers while simultaneously encouraging investment in the real estate business. Buyer complaints can be sent to MAHARERA for a prompt response. The law addresses the entire process of buying a house as well as redevelopment.
    3What are the stages of redevelopment?
    The following are the steps of redevelopment:
    • A general body meeting with a majority in favor of the redevelopment
    • A legal representative to appropriately guide the members
    • Obtaining and scrutinizing bids from builders and selecting the appropriate builder meeting the financing requirements.
    • Approval from necessary legal authorities and allotment of builder Signature on various necessary documents to begin the process
    • Completing all financial and other obligations, and then ensuring that the building is evacuated and ownership of the current premises is transferred to the designated developer/builder
    • Post redevelopment, issuing Occupancy Certificate and handing over ownership back to the owners.
    4Who can go into redevelopment?
    A building that has not used the full potential of the site under the current DC standards may be redeveloped. This is conditional on both the housing society and the owner possessing a clear, marketable title.
    5What are the statutory payments and who bears these costs?
    When a redevelopment project is in the process the statutory payments are paid by the developer. Additional payments or any outstanding payment with extra land purchase shall be paid by the members.